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Indianeer Consulting does Market Research Analysis and Consulting.

Our work is done by choosing reliable and highly qualified partners in India based on the Finnish client’s specific service requirements. With our industry networks, knowledge, and service expertise, we are helping our Finnish clients in India.

Through our services businesses can:

  • Enter the Indian market.
  • Establish distributor network.
  • Deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently.
  • Find manufacturing partners.
  • Increase revenues and save on both short-term and long-term costs.

Our team brings you combined decades of deep industry experience and technical expertise to help you gain competitive edge you need in the below listed target market areas.

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide timely knowledge, networks, frameworks, partnerships and outsourcing to businesses and organizations in the public and private sector in the Nordic Countries and South Asia.

Our Vision

To be the company that gets business done for businesses and organizations in the public and private sector in the Nordic Countries, Middle East and South Asia, when they are reaching across their country borders.

Our Values

  • There are no small customers and big customers. Each and everyone of them are valuable to us.
  • The customer always comes first in everything we do.
  • Respect the customer and value their discretion.
  • Give our best effort in delivering results.
  • Be honest in our dealings with everyone involved.
  • Encourage environmental and sustainable measures as a way of life.

Our Team

Venkata Gandikota is the CEO of Indianeer Consulting and Founder & President, The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society ry (http://tnfis.org).Venkata is an Engineering and Management Consulting professional with more than 13 years of technical engineering, research, ideation, strategy and business modeling experience. He has always been interested in people to people networking and in knowing how to help businesses perform better. Since 2011 Venkata has been working with Finnish businesses to enter the Indian market. Based on his experience with the Indian market and realizing the need for Frugal Innovation based solutions for Finland and other European markets, he started The Nordic Frugal Innovation Society in late 2013. By organizing ideation workshops and conferences involving Cities, Universities, and businesses he started to mainstream the concept in Finland and the Nordics. He helped create, plan and organize two major global conferences with NGO’s and the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs focusing on frugal innovations. Via the annual conference, InnoFrugal, he is mainstreaming the Frugal Innovation principles and encouraging new way for businesses to grow. He is also working with businesses and the Finnish innovation funding agency Tekes to organize frugal innovation events and industry sector wise challenges with entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses, research orgs and Cities. Gandikota has also written several articles focusing on frugal innovations in the Finnish media. He has also been helping Finnish businesses in India as CEO of Indianeer Consulting and gives guest lectures at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. He has a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from India and a Masters in Environmental Engineering from USA. He has more than a decade of work experience that includes working as an Environmental Engineer and as a researcher at Arctic Center and Finnish Environment Institute. Some of the Finnish companies he helped include Karibu Engineering Oy, Exel Composites Oy, OK-VISE Oy, Termex-Eriste Oy and VTT.

Email: venkata (at) indianeer dot com

Mobile: +358 44 276 0404

Antti Öhrling is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Jolla/Sailfish and previously country director of India for Rovio Entertainment/Angry Birds. Antti is a serial entrepreneur who combines creativity with strategy. Though he has 20 international patents to his name, Antti’s forte is business and not technology. Antti has worked in the FMCG, retail and wholesale, media, advertising and IT and telecommunication industries. Antti co-founded Blyk, the first and original ad-funded mobile network, in 2005. He was the CEO of Blyk UK and then the Chairman of Blyk Media India until April 2012. Prior to Blyk, Antti founded Contra Advertising Group, an international advertising group operating in three continents, now part of Touch Worldwide. He is currently the Chairman of Contra China, based in Beijing. Through his consultancy, Ohrling Ltd, Antti guides companies through market entries and re-positioning exercises mainly in the Asia region. He is also a board member of IFBF (Indo-Finnish Business Forum based in New Delhi) and a Fellow at RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce), UK.

Jukka Kallioinen, since 2005, has been providing independent professional services for global and SMB companies in product life cycle management (PLM) that includes product life cycle and processs expertise, packaged services and leading PLM solutions. Before this current work, he has worked for 15 years at Metso Paper as a corporate PLM Manager and engineering development manager.

Matti Naakka is an experienced B2B Sales, General Management and Business Development executive with long term exposure to business in South Asia / Asia Pacific. He was working with Stora Enso Oy for the past 13 years in the region holding posts in Singapore, China and India. His last post was as General Manager for Stora Enso in India. In the field of business development he has been implementing activities such as market entry and business environment analysis, scouting M&A / joint venture partners, participating in due diligence and acquisition processes and making recommendations regarding regional industrial development strategy.

Our Services

We serve our customers in the following areas:

Market Research Analysis

  • Feasibility Reports
  • Data Gathering Analysis


  • Market Entry
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Distribution Channels
  • Alliances, Partnerships & Joint Ventures
  • Strategy
  • Frugal Innovation


  • Engineering Outsourcing
  • IT Outsourcing

Case Studies


Customer Requirement

The customer, OK-VISE, a Finnish workholding clamps and accessories manufacturing company (www.ok-vise.com), had been previously directly selling to end users in India and wanted help in finding distribution partners and related research, analysis & strategy.

Solution Process

We set on mapping the workholding industry regions in India and identified a list of potential distribution partners based on the research analysis. Since India is too large an area for one distributor, we have identified the country into various areas. The analysis was done based on city-based vs region-based distributor network. From the shortlist of potential distributors that Indianeer Consulting secured, the best possible distributors for the client were identified and after arranging meetings with them, the client secured partnerships in various regions in India.

A globally operating specialist workholding company, OK-VISE sells its products all over the world,with past sales have been made in about 40 countries. The largest export markets are currently in Japan, Taiwan, the United States and Germany. With this help from Indianeer Consulting, OK-VISE can add India to it’s list of major export markets.


Customer Requirement

The customer, Exel Composites Oy, a Finnish designer and manufacturer of composite profiles and tubes (www.exelcomposites.com), needed help in finding OEM partners in one of their industry verticals in India.

Solution Process

We set out by identifying the list of OEMs in India based on the criteria that Exel Composites has given us. Through continuous consultations with Exel Composites during the course of the project, we shortlisted a range of companies and arranged meetings with the OEMs on the sidelines of the Machinery Expo held in Mumbai.

A globally operating public listed company, Exel Composites is the leading composite profile manufacturer in the world. They are a global composite manufacturer using pultrusion technology with manufacturing sites in seven countries.


Customer Requirement

The customer, Termex-Eriste Oy, a Finnish cellulose fiber insulation company (www.termex.fi), needed help in finding investors/manufacturing partners in India to sell their insulation product for the Indian market.

Solution Process

We helped Termex-Eriste with finding the right investors and manufacturing partners to start marketing their insulation product in India and also to commence their manufacturing activities in India.

A well know insulation brand in Finland, Termex-Eriste manufactures and sells it’s product not just in Finland but also in Russia and Eastern Europe.


VTT – Market Research for cofiring project in India

Ficonic Solutions – Accounting And Setting Up Subsidiary In India

Ministry For Foreign Affairs of Finland – Inclusive Business Finland Website setup and maintenace for years 2016 and 2017

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Email: venkata at indianeer.com

Mobile: +358 44 2760404

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